Episode 1 … We ready? Conference play is poppin’ off, upsets are the norm, and this women’s college hoops season is just going CRAAAAAAZY, am I right? For the first episode of Sometimes I Hoop we had to call up Miss DOUBLE-DOUBLE, reigning NCAA champ, 6’5″ All-American for South Carolina … Aliyah BOSTON. On this episode, Haley and Aliyah get into the 2023 season, their longtime friendship, NIL bags, playing for legendary coaches, and the rivalry between South Carolina and Stanford. Tune in every week for more unguarded conversations with the most elite hoopers on the scene. LET’S GET IT.

  1. South Carolina season, rivalries, trash talk 🗣️ [3:00]
  2. Dawn Staley, choosing SC, players on the rise ⬆️⬆️⬆️ [7:17]
  3. Best conference debate, teams on the rise, rankings 🏆 [11:12]
  4. Aliyah origins, USA Basketball, bouncing back after 2021 💪🏿 [15:30]
  5. NIL, WNBA draft thoughts, Vibe Check ✅ [30:25]

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